Monday, 25 July 2011

A Little Bit TRESemme Obsessed

I was looking at my hair care products today and I realised I've become a little bit TRESemme obsessed. Some of these things I've had for a while but some of them I recently bought because it is on offer right now.

I'll start off with the product I've had for the longest, this huge tub of Thermal Recovery. It is a deep conditioning treatment, it is amazing and makes my hair so soft and silky. My hair is quite dry and this is a god send, if you have dry damaged or frizzy hair I'd really recommend this. It is a big tub so it will last you a while.

Next my Volume and Life Mousse. I use this when blow drying to give my hair an extra lift because it is quite thick and heavy, it needs all the help it can get that volumised look. This product is okay, it gets the job done, but it's nothing special. 

I run out of shampoos and conditioners so quickly (I just have too much hair), but my TRESemme shampoos seem to last a bit longer. I have the Colour Thrive shampoo and conditioner for Brunette hair. I only have this because my mum has dyed her hair a chocolate brown colour and she wants to keep her hair colour for as long as possible. But this shampoo and conditioner does make my hair so shiny and soft and it does bring out the brown tones in my hair which is always nice.

The iron style and hold spray does make my hair easier to style with heat. It does make my hair a bit smoother and gives it a bit of a glossy shine. You can use it on both wet and dry hair. I bought this from Boots and even though it is over £5 right now you can get 2 products for £5 from Tresemme no matter what the price. So I ended up getting this Salon Shine spray with Moroccan Argan Oil in it. This a nice, but again nothing special it makes my hair shiny and tames down my fly aways, but the heat styling spray gives me a bit of shine anyway so I wouldn't say, RUSH OUT AND BUY THIS. 

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