Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Fresher Essentials

Packing for uni? If you’re about to be a fresher and are wondering what to pack, here’s a few things I think you may want to bring with you.
For your room
A sleeping bag (if your mate comes to stay)
A door stop (when you get to your room, keep your door open so people can come in and say hello, a great way to meet people)
Something to be your dirty washing in
A poster for your wall and some pictures of friends and family (your room is going to be boring and ugly so you may want some things to brighten up the walls)

For the Kitchen
Extra cutlery (You will loose these and run out of forks very quickly so you will be glad when you have spare)
A toastie machine 

Random things
A permanent marker pen (to label your things and you’ll probably need it for bar crawls)
A few passport photos, they may come in handy
Your high school tie (there will be a night where you will dress up as a school girl/boy and you will need your tie trust me)
Berocca (you will get fresher’s flu or have a hang over and you will need this)

Your first year will probably be the best year of your life, so remember to enjoy yourself and be open to new things. 

Slightly embarrassing picture of me after playing a prank on my flatmate, first year.