Friday, 25 May 2012

VO5 Moisture Sock Hot Oil Treatment: Review

With dry thick hair I am always on the look out for products to add moisture to my hair and make it look shiny and glossy. I really enjoy putting oils in my hair and giving my scalp a good massage.

I walked past the VO5 hair treatments and I thought this hot oil treatment sounds interesting; there are 4 little cute tubes in a pack, each for one application. Each tube contains 15ml of “essential oils” that are meant to boost shine and protect dry damaged hair.

How to use it, you pop the tube in a cup of hot water to heat up and then you break the seal and pour it all over your hair and massage it in. You can rinse it out after 3 minutes.
To be honest I was slightly disappointed with this product. I imaged it to work by applying it to the hair and the heat of your scalp would warm up the oils and I would get a nice warm feeling on my head. It started off warm, but then after about 1 minutes it was cold and I just wanted to wash it off.

It also became a bit messy when I was applying the oil my hands were slippery and it was hard to get the last of the oil out onto my hair so some of the oil went to waste.

Although saying all this, the results were quite good. I used my normal shampoo twice to rinse out all the oil and followed up with my normal conditioner and my hair felt really silky and smooth, not to mention my hair was considerably less fizzy for about a week after the treatment.

My hair did not feel greasy any quicker then it normally would after using this, however I do have very dry hair, so those with an oily scalp may feel differently.

All in all for around £4 this product is a steal. The packaging said to use it once a week for £4 for one month worth of treatments it is a steal to me. I think this will be a great product to use on holiday after you’ve been swimming to make sure your hair doesn’t become dry due to the chlorine.

Fizz control 4/5
more manageable 4/5
Moisturising 3/5
Smell 3/5
Value 4/5

You can find the VO5 Moisture Soak Hot Oil Treatment in boots.

What are your favourite moisturising hair products? 

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