Friday, 18 May 2012

no7, Beautiful Skin | Day cream, Normal/dry: Review

I’ve been searching for a reasonably priced face cream for a while. I tried the dramatically different moisturising lotion and the benefit triple performance facial emulation (partly because of the packaging) and found they just weren’t moisturising enough for me.

I had a no7 voucher a while back and thought I’d give the beautiful skin day cream for normal/dry skin a whorl and I have to say I love this! It provides me with the perfect amount of moisture and stinks into the skin really fast; I don’t have that greasy feeling for ages afterwards. It is SPF 15 so I don’t feel about going outside and catching a bit of sun during the day. 

They do a similar cream for normal to oily skin, which I have tried, it is a much thinner consistency and it spreads around the skin easily. I would recommend it for those with slightly more oily skin.
The scent is not great; it smells a lot like baby powder, however I don’t mind too much about this, as I like the product itself and the smell doesn’t last long when applied to the face.

The packaging is pretty, but a bit of a waste. It is one of those creams that give the illusion of more product, which is really more glass then anything else. It is not ideal for travelling. Nevertheless the product inside is lovely and it is one of the better creams I have tried recently. For my skin I adore the product. With a £5 off no7 voucher it was only £8.50, which I think is a great price for the cream inside. 

Price- 4/5 £12.50 normal price for 50ml
Product- 5/5 does what it says on the tin
Smell- 2/5
Packaging- 3/5
Available in Boots 

What's your favourite face cream? 

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