Friday, 7 October 2011

Next, Just Pink, Eau de Toilette: Review

If you are looking for a bargin scent then this is for you. The scent is very sweet and florally, it is called Just Pink so I wouldn't expect it to smell anything other then very girlie. It is quite a strong scent at first but it does get lighter. It is great to carry around in your handbag to just refresh your scent in the middle of the day. I think it would make a great first perfume, for those of you looking for presents for young teens.

I did buy this a few months ago, since then they have changed the bottle to a really cute heart shaped one, however I can't smell any difference in the smell. It has lasted me quite a while so I'd definitely say it is worth the money. It is £6.50 for 30ml. I would say it is a simple smell, don't expect it to smell like a £50 bottle of perfume with lots of layers of amazing scents. However to carry around with you, and to keep at work for emergencies it is a great little scent to have and the gift sets make a great present for someone. The smell is just simply nice.

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