Tuesday, 4 October 2011

17, Hide & chic, Eye brightening concealer review

I received this in my freshers pack last week, which I thought was nice of Boots to give this away.  However the only colour they gave away was light beige which is a bit useless for me as I am quite tanned. I went into boots and they only had 3 colours and none of them really suited me which was a bit disappointing.

Never the less I did try it. On the packaging it does say "disguise tired eyes to fake that morning fresh glow!" I didn't find that it covered up my dark circles or bags and I did find the formula slightly hard to blend into my skin (I found it to be quite drying). I think it might be better to highlight your cheek bones however as a concealer it doesn't do much.

It was still nice of Boots to give it away for free, it was a good idea especially for after freshers week.

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